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Africa and Archaeology: Empowering an to alternative models of cultural heritage management as well Expatriate Life. London: The Radcliffe Press. ISBN as the practical challenges of indigenous heritage stewardship hardback. The cold war was being played out in Africa The post-colonial era and the cold war in the s and cultural frameworks.

Africa and Archaeology: Empowering an Expatriate Life

As a tribute to his wife, to whom he plunged Africa into massive debt and great challenges. He is very humble in acknowledging people who indi- decline, coups, diseases, wars and economic instability within a rectly impacted on his career as an archaeologist in England spatial or temporal context p. Writing with the wisdom of age and largely drawing humble, principled upholder of traditions. Six themes: family, education, career, race and and what events external to a community have the most impact religion, Hani and Africa p.

Posnansky engages the wit and illustra- ment is interleaved with a broad hermeneutic narrative of tive power of a narrator throughout the book; he includes events making the book occasionally repetitive. From his descriptions that appeal to our senses and imagination, yet reminiscences, it is clear that issues of identity and family are never form part of an archaeological report: close to his heart. Archaeologies in Africa.

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Africa and Archaeology: Empowering an There are also smells — the distinctive smell of the earth Expatriate Life, as a book of nuances with an informal coherent after the rains, the acrid smell of burnt grass, wood fires, decay- style, is an easy read on many levels. In Africa, in colonial times, Posnansky felt more British than the I finished reading this book with a few questions. The colo- British he had left behind; in England, as a Jew, even as a child, nial and racial experience has not been the same everywhere, he never fully participated in British life.

In America, he took up neither does the commonality of challenges in Africa and citizenship in the hope that he could belong and make his voice America overwhelm their differences.

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In Africa, for example, heard, instead he felt even less at home p. This concept is the survival of traditional institutions in Uganda and Ghana carried throughout the book, weaving his personal develop- are a testimony that colonialism has had its day. But what is the ment as an Africanist archaeologist with a broad critique of the future of archaeology in Africa in these times of global change? The Lie of the Land: Challenging Received large role in my life As a subtle, sometimes blunt Wisdom on the African Environment.

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