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Buckets, Dippers and Lids takes the concept of bucket filling one step further by adding the idea that we also have an invisible lid that protects and keep the happiness inside our bucket. With charming illustrations, this picture book teaches young readers what gives happiness, what takes it away, and what protects it. Grandfather Gandhi by Arun Gandhi. Like all children, Arun sometimes gets frustrated and erupts in anger. Gandhi teaches his grandson that anger is human and how to turn darkness into light.

Grandfather Gandhi is a touching personal account, brought to life by unique three-dimensional mixed-media collages. With whimsical illustrations, the Dealing with Feeling series looks at a wide range of feelings. Each book shows what the respective feeling looks like, how to deal with it, and how to help other people who might be feeling that way.

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The Heart and the Bottle.


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A young girl and her grandfather talk about the world and all its mysteries as they have adventures. Fortunately, she finds someone who helps her and with her recovered heart, the world and its mysteries return to her. I enjoyed it with my young ones, but young hearts are often more resilient and more open to love again. If someone is struggling with finding joy again after a loss, give them a little time.

The Stories We Tell, and Don’t Tell, About Asian-American Lives

But this book might be a good fit, too. Life and I. I was hesitant with this one in the first few pages and then it completely won me over. Eventually everyone will meet her and she is as much a part of all of us and all living things as Life is. She tells us that her work is necessary, because without her there would be no one to make way for new life and new growth.

What we love: Stick with me. I love this book. Death tells us that she most often visits people who have lived very long lives, but sometimes she must visit them sooner. She tells us about her visits to children and babies and how gently she brings them with her. She tells us about mass tragedies, which can be so difficult and painful to process for any of us. She even tells us about pregnancy loss.

The book leaves space for questions and discussion and what we think might happen after we die. This book works through the tough questions and the feelings that comes with them, while also providing opportunities to stop and talk about our own experiences. It talks about some of the things that often happen when someone dies, and how different cultures might have their own traditions.

The author shows some of the different emotions we might go through after we lose someone and reminds us that if we remember our loved ones, they stay with us in our hearts. Cry, Heart, But Never Break. Four children live with their grandmother, until one night a visitor arrives.

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In this story, Death is kind and gentle and takes the time to tell the children a story that helps them understand that as day and night come together, so do joy and grief, and life and death. What we love: This story recasts Death not as a villain, but as a friend who cares about those he comes for and those left behind.

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This lovely little board book follows a child through all kinds of adventures, with love always present, no matter what. What we love: The message that no matter what, no matter where, our love for our loved ones will stretch and last and stay. This is a great option for a baby gift. His family plans a funeral for Barney and suggests that the boy make a list of ten good things about him to share. The boy remembers that Barney was funny and clean, and seven other things, but struggles to find a tenth until his father explains what happens to our bodies after we die.

What we love: This story reassures us that our feelings about loss are natural while reminding us to focus on all the good things that we shared with our loved one.


This colourful book includes an introduction to the concepts of life and death, and everything that comes after for those of us left behind. It opens the door to discussion about different cultures and traditions, and gives us the chance to talk about where our souls go after our bodies die.

It encourages children to find ways to remember and honour our lost loved ones.

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What we love: This book is a great resource to introduce the topic of death. It approaches a complicated subject in a gentle, but straightforward manner. Heavenly Name: She knows but th So sorry for the length of this chatty morning coffee talk. I started writing and this is what came out. This will be one of the hardest things for me to ever talk about, it always has been, and to myself I am sorry.

The word itself still makes This word of freedom is always in question.

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