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She was one-of-a-kind, and special. The problem is, I think he has tried to do that with a couple of girls, and it is impossible to get that invested within the space of a single novel, not when there is so much else going on, particularly when he also slept with Ruby for information. His battle with Blofeld is epic, to be sure, but what Blofeld is doing with the allergies and viruses requires so much explanation. Tennant is a joy to listen to. His Irma Bundt was hilarious and conniving, his Blofeld slimy and slippery. His Bond had a zest for life which was refreshing, falling in love and uncovering evil plots.

His reading was at times ruthless, passionate, and opulent, much like Bond. Marc-Ange: Tennant's performance was wonderful. It sounded like a full-cast performance: every character and accent was distinct and beautifully performed. The antagonist in this one is Blofeld. The movie is amazingly faithful to the book. I shall definitely listen to other James Bond novels. Narrator David Tennant is as good as any I have listened to. So far I have borrowed over such books.

The books are not permanently in my Audible library since they are only borrowed, but the average cost of the books based on the annual fee for Kindle Unlimited is very low. This is a great deal for Audible listeners. I purchased this title for a family road trip in the hopes we could all listen to the same thing. My husband is a huge Bond fan but had only read a couple of the books many years ago. The sixteen year old drifted off into listening to her headphones while supposedly doing her homework but my husband and I were riveted.

The book explains a lot of why Bond is a "love 'em and leave 'em" type of guy. It greatly surpasses the movie as books tend to and we hung on every word. David Tennant never fails to entertain and it made the hours in the car fly by.

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A good, solid Bond story. Decent plot and character development. Improved a lot by excellent narration. It held my interest. Paced just right. I can't wait for what happens next. Get a free audiobook. Written by: Ian Fleming. Narrated by: David Tennant. Length: 8 hrs and 6 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary In his Alpine base, Blofeld is developing biological weapons that will devastate Britain.

This audiobook includes an exclusive bonus interview with David Tennant. Wells: The Science Fiction Collection. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Anshu Perfect narration for a perfect book! This makes her suddenly come to life, as she argues she would have won. The gambit succeeded. Vivacity came into her face and voice. I'd have passed you in the villages. Besides" - there was an edge of bitterness in her voice - "I would always be able to beat you.

You want to stay alive. Then, she hits him with this: "My name is Tracy Teresa was a saint. I am not a saint. I am not interested in conversation. And you have earned your reward. So did Bond, confused. There if you wish, you can make the most expensive piece of love of your life. It will have cost you forty million francs.

I hope it will be worth it. There, things get even weirder. James sits on the edge of the bed, intending to ask her some questions and get to know her a bit. Tracy quickly shuts that down. Make love to me. You are handsome and strong. I want to remember what it can be like. Do anything you like. And tell me what you like and what you would like from me.

Be rough with me. Treat me like the lowest whore in creation. Forget everything else. No questions. Take me.

The Making of On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Charles Helfenstein Interview

Just clearing that up. He is confused, intrigued, and fascinated by this woman.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service, James Bond by Ian Fleming | | Booktopia

He complies with her request to come back for round two, which he hopefully rates as 'a bit more affectionate' than round one. He is desperately looking for some sign of feeling from the woman. But after this second round of sex, instead of planning a fun day of eating and swimming and gambling together like Bond wants to do, the woman has a bit of a freak-out.

She yells at him and curses at him, and orders him to get out of her room. She says he's lousy in bed.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Background

Bond can see she's obviously trying to drive him away and wound him, and he's very worried about her. She's obviously going through some heavy stuff. It's because of this that he decides to play 'spy' and follow her when she goes to the beach. He's convinced she's suicidal and wants to watch over her and prevent her from killing herself if he can. But just when he catches up to her on the beach, they are both kidnapped.

And this is only the first four chapters out of a chapter book! Just mentioning the title to a certain friend of mine makes her little face fall. This is only the second time we've seen Bond really in love with a woman - not since Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale has James ever had these kinds of feelings for a woman.

And it's surprising. He thinks Bond will convince Tracy - through loving her - that life is worth living again. She was married to a horrid man who took all her money and left her when she was pregnant. She loved her baby, but the little girl died at age 6 months from spinal meningitis. Ever since then, Tracy has been roaming Europe in her car, spending money like crazy and getting the most out of life before she kills herself. Bond was kind of a 'last fling' for her. And at first I thought he was just doing it out of a sense of pity or obligation, but it is not so.

We don't know this because he declares his feelings, or says he loves Tracy, or anything like that. That's it. That's the key. I love how Fleming does this. It's subtle, it's very Bond. When the reader who by now has read 10 books in the series before this is astonished at this "proclamation of love" as if Bond had actually said something romantic. This is Fleming's intended effect and it's very good. I won't go into details except to say Blofeld's plot and methods in this book are extremely laughable and not really something I can take seriously.

I found his whole plan - but especially the brainwashing of women regarding farm animals and potatoes to be extremely laughter-inducing. Sorry, Fleming, this just isn't very scary. And that is having sex with a woman and romancing her just so that he can get information from her, even though he has no real romantic interest in her. I know, I know, you think James Bond sleeps with anyone in a skirt - but the reason you think that is because of the movies. In the books he's still a womanizer, but he only has sex with women that he has a certain feeling towards. No, not lust!

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

But a kind of respect, or admiration, or something. This is the first book where we see him coldly seducing a woman he has no feelings for I'm not talking about Tracy here - and he hates himself for doing it, too. Again, this is one of the things I like about Bond - book Bond. He isn't the kind of callous bastard portrayed in the pre-Craig movies, instead he is quite a three-dimensional character - obviously flawed, but also thoughtful and introspective, with a certain code of honor that doesn't seem to exist in the films where he treats women as disposable objects.

Bond expands on his ideas on money and sneers at being a titled gentleman. Bond is seriously considering retiring from the Secret Service. Bond is seriously considering settling down with one woman. He is tired of all his affairs and he is sick of being so alone. I wonder at the fact that Bond seems so attracted to a woman who for the first half of the book or so seems to be mired in a deep depression and has a lion's share of problems.

Bond often talks about wanting a woman who is 'unburdened,' but like many of the things Bond says, his words belie the truth. He falls for Tracy, and falls hard. She, herself, is smitten with him. Seeing scenes of them interacting together, you can't believe how cute and sweet they are together. Bond planning his life with her. She says some cute things which I won't reveal here because they would be spoilers. It's very touching and warms your heart. It's horrifying and Bond's despair is epic.

Her death is going to have serious repercussions for Bond's mental health in later books. The reasons this didn't get five stars are: 1. Stupid villain plot and methods. Not a very compelling villain, either. The comment is from Bond's friend view spoiler [and future father-in-law hide spoiler ] Bond is friends with a lot of rapists, but never rapes anyone himself. At least in the books. I get angrier with his film-self.

Bond kills more men than normal in this book and, of course, falls in love. This is one of the more intense Bond novels. Ian Fleming's writing is still amazing. Here's one I liked: Bond's right hand flashed out and the face of the Rolex disintegrated against the man's jaw. In short, a pretty amazing entry. Could have used a stronger villain and a better evil villain plot, but the rest is superb. You will be tearing up at this one, even though you can't believe you're getting emotional over James Bond.

The book is 10x better than the film. He doesn't generally practice violence against women in the books unless it's absolutely and I mean absolutely necessary. In this movie, he's slapping Tracy in the face repeatedly!!! This is view spoiler [his future wife, okay? Is book Bond racist? A woman-beater? Why would you even add this to his character? Did people actually think this made him better or more exciting somehow?!?!

Well, it disgusts me. Tracy's also punched in the face so hard by her father in this film that she falls unconscious. And people wonder why I can't relax and enjoy Bond films! View all 10 comments. It contains most of the things that draws people to Bond novels and movies action, intrigue, charm, violence and tones down some of the more obnoxious parts too sexism, racism, etc. The character of Bond is fascinating in this novel as his normal cycle with women is warped a bit. The movie sticks pretty close to the narrative on this one, which is probably due to the fact that it was already a pretty well-developed story.

Aug 10, Richard Derus rated it really liked it. Rating: 4. I found I wasn't able to get past the outdated attitudes in the novels. I think because books are important to me, enduring documents of their times, and films are slight and insubstantial entertainments, I judge films much less harshly. After all, I take them so much less seriously. This is only a 4. It earned bad reviews f Rating: 4. It earned bad reviews for Lazenby, which endears him and his performance to me. Film critics in general are so full of hot air and bullshit that I love reading bad reviews so I can go and enjoy the panned product.

I liked Heaven's Gate , for example, and I'd've never gone to see it if the critics hadn't howled their lungs out about its crappiness. Anyway, Blofeld the recurring villain is played by Telly Savalas in this film. It's the absolute worst Blofeld I've seen. He got no pointy objects hurled at him, however. Diana Rigg is The Girl. Okay, whatevs.

The fact that her "father" is played by an Italian actor pretending to be Spanish and she's as British as shepherd's pie and about as attractive, but then I'm pretty much immune to female aesthetic appeal , well it's a Bond film so one goes with it. Joanna Lumley plays one of Blofeld's Angels of Death. It's also a little sobering to realize that Lumley was a comely youff when the film was made, and is now a grandmother.

Tempus do fugit, eh what? So that rating The film is very well made. The plot, while ridiculous, lacks gaping holes, unlike other entries in the series. The cinematography is as lovely as the series' standard, the script as witty as the best entries in the series, and Lazenby is very very very nice to look at. I also think he turned in a fine performance, and it's only butthurt Connery diehards who can't see that. This role isn't one for a Dramatical Genius to play, it's one for a film star to play.

I think it's a shame he wasn't. Pleasant way to pass a few hours, nice to look at, oh and the song! Oh be still my heart. It's not up there with "Live and Let Die" or "Goldfinger" but it's a damn good song qua song. View all 5 comments.

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Oct 24, F. Whereas the previous book tore everything up to give a very different kind of Bond tale, this novel merely tweaks things to give - a still recognisable, but - far more affecting James Bond adventure. This is of course the book where James Bond gets married.

And I found myself convinced that in Tracey, Commander Bond had found someone he would want to settle down with. In Tracy he sees someone who will be there for him, who will entertain him, care for him and give him what he wants — while still letting him live his same dangerous and crazy life. And she sees someone who will keep her calm and she thinks make her safe. I wonder how much thought Fleming gave to actually keeping this couple together forever. Unlike the previous book this is a gentle pushing of the envelope.

Bond, despite his imminent betrothal, remains much the same character as before — still cruel, obsessed by the job and a hot blooded male when the right moment arrives. James Bond. I love love love this series! Years ago how many I shall not admit to I actually got in trouble for having this paperback at school. James Bond and the Secret Service was considered inappropriate reading material to have at school.

Other classmates were carrying around Stephen King and other authors whose books included Because I recently listened to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Ian Fleming's only children's book on audio, I decided to listen to some classic Fleming while I was at it. Other classmates were carrying around Stephen King and other authors whose books included more sex and bad language than anything included in the James Bond books, but his bed hopping behavior from the movies made the principal assume that the books were filled with nudity and sexual escapades. The stories are actually action-packed, fascinating tales of espionage, larger-than-life criminals, and nefarious, evil plans that need to be averted.

Wonderful books! I read the books at home after that incident and never again took Britain's agent to school with me. As part of my goal to spend more time this year reading books I love and want to read I'm revisiting James Bond. I chose this particular Bond novel to read 11 in the series because it is my favorite Bond movie and because it was the book I was restricted from reading at school.

Plus, the audiobook is narrated by David Tennant. Every audiobook I have listened to with Tennant as narrator has been excellent -- and this one is no exception. Tennant's performance is excellent! He reads at a nice even speed with proper emotion and excitement during action sequences. I have hearing loss but was easily able to hear and understand Tennant's narration.


The audiobook from Blackstone Publishing is just over 8 hours long. The basics: Bond is up against Blofeld, a criminal mastermind who is planning to decimate Britain financially by contaminating and destroying the nation's food supply. Bond infiltrates his compound in Switzerland, learns that Blofeld will be using brainwashed young women to do his dirty work.

He escapes narrowly and gathers a small group of mafioso to help him rout out Blofeld and stop his evil plan. Great action sequences This book has it all. This is the book where Bond gets married But, alas, his happy ever after is not to be. Great book. I enjoyed it just as much as I did years ago when I first read it. Some fault these books for sexism.

I don't feel that way. James Bond is an international spy and a man's man. He kills people who deserve killing. And he spends time with beautiful women in beautiful places. He uses people as becomes necessary to do his job. And sometimes this involves using sex to get information he needs, or just for enjoyment. If that offends, then perhaps spy novels are not a good choice of genre.

Obviously it does not offend too many people as Bond movies have been popular since the s, and the movies add in much more bed hopping and scantily clad Bond Girls than exist in the actual books. I enjoyed re-visiting this book so much that I'm adding the rest of this series to my TBR plans for this year. The series has been continued by other authors following Ian Fleming's death. I'm interested in finding out if the new books are just as good as Fleming's.

Can't wait to find out!

click Oct 29, notgettingenough added it Shelves: haven-t-read-but. What I want to know is does James Bond have to go through airport security? Geneva airport, our plane is boarding. We have just got to the top of the security check queue which is so long today that they have extended it into the airport pathway. That, after a ten minute wait in the fast track of Easy Jet luggage checkin. And today, of all days, is the first time our Easy Jet flight has been on time for years. What sort of dickwit would pack a knife in their carry on luggage? Swiss airports? But our plane was boarding. They are inclined, in fact to believe me and turn to look at the X-ray dude who has put me in this position.

Forget it. View all 4 comments. Shelves: james-bond , spies , english-writer , ian-fleming , This book written by Ian Fleming is the 2nd installment of the Blofeld trilogy, the 1st being "Thunderball" and the 3rd being "You Only Live twice". James Bond in the beginning of this novel is thinking about his future with the secret service after spending too much This book written by Ian Fleming is the 2nd installment of the Blofeld trilogy, the 1st being "Thunderball" and the 3rd being "You Only Live twice".

James Bond in the beginning of this novel is thinking about his future with the secret service after spending too much time chasing Blofeld and never getting anywhere or even close to the man or his organisation. He is thinking about his resignation from Her Majesty's secret service when he meets a mysterious young lady who triggers him into a protective hero.

With her attempt at suicide James Bond starts a chain of events that will end the book in a personal drama for James Bond and sets the mood for the third book. It is also a very well written thriller about biological warfare. The movie while having the one time actor George Lazenby is a very faithful but enlarged version of the Fleming book.

Both are well worth your time. Just read it; You have all the time in the world. And the book always leaves me in the end with a small tear in my eye. View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to see them don't read beyond this paragraph. I liked this book, it's well written and stands up well to most any thriller or drama out there.

I know I commented that I didn't care for soap opera, that usually means too heavy a dependence in a story on personal "touchy feely" emotionally soaked storyline. This however gives us James' personal life without "soaping" it up. James is ready to resign in th There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to see them don't read beyond this paragraph.

Before he can deliver his letter of resignation he saves a suicidal young woman. Bond likes Tracy, and wants to help her but won't marry her. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller Condition: Very Good. Seller Inventory F06OS Seller Inventory H22A Seller Inventory B22OS Acceptable condition. Owner's name on cover. Short gifter's inscription on inside. Stamped on inside. Corner of front cover cut. Seller Inventory I20OS Published by Gardners Books.

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