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Among the Oats Holly and Mr. Ivy Locked Room Misery. Welcome back to the Mitchell Mystery Reading Group! You can view the first installment here. Before we jump in, I want to acknowledge a couple contributors to this group conversation who have already reviewed the book on their blogs.

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Kate from Crossexaminingcrime has posted her recent Butcher's Shop critique , as well as a very enjoyable post about which detective you would want to investigate your crime, Mrs. Next, over at his site The Grandest Game in the World , you can find among lots and lots of incredible reviews and academic analyses of GAD fiction titles Nick Fuller's review of Gladys Mitchell's second published mystery.

In the previous post, I wanted to include Gladys Mitchell fan Mark Philpott 's comments about the author's ability to draw in the reader of The Mystery of the Butcher's Shop in the opening chapters, but ran out of time and energy. Mark writes, "Mitchell uses point of view skillfully to throw us into the plot's action. Mitchell keeps us hanging in suspense, forcing us to read on. Harringay admitting to being a 'subnormal specimen of humanity, belonging to the weaker sex'. Those comments stand out pretty starkly in today's human rights struggles.

Those were the times, and the lines were not meant with the malignance with which they're encountered too frequently today. I can almost see Miss Mitchell with her tongue in her cheek as she writes them, though. Norris from Pretty Sinister Books raises a great point regarding Mrs.

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Bradley's use of psychological observation as presented by her creator. It's an important criticism, and I think it's another reason — along with a merely casual, and not zealous, interest to deliver meticulously clued fair-play puzzles — that may keep fans of Golden Age Detective fiction from enjoying GM's mysteries. But it reminds me of why I disliked Mrs.

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Bradley says he insists that Lulu retain her maiden name rather than his surname so that George can keep his secret and still be thought of as a bohemian, free-spirited man. He could have decided to not tell he was married for any number of reasons!

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Bradley or Gladys Mitchell either! That Mrs. I guess that could be true, too. Bradley has always been rather otherworldly or omniscient as Gladys Mitchell writes her. It feels like the character's occupation as a psycho-analyst provides an excuse to support this all-knowing, or at least smarter-than-thou, depiction which, I should confess, is one of the reasons why I'm attracted to the character. But the central criticism is a valid one: Mrs.

Bradley's psycho-analysis demonstrated in the books is not so much detection but judgment based on the detective's beliefs and worldview. It's easy for the analyst to always be right if her creator shares her perspective and can confirm Mrs.

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Croc's findings by making them true on the page. My great epistolary friend in Paris, FJ de Kermadec , wrote to further discuss a line I included in the initial reading group post. I wrote, o'erhastily, "To highlight [her] wealth would be, to me, to muddle or mute the idea of Mrs.

Bradley is not the "rich" detective, she is the elderly, fearsome psycho-analyst. Her independence is one of spirit rather than one of entitlement, in my view. But FJ correctly illustrates that her high-class status does indeed give her a freedom and agency in society that enables her to assume the role of objective investigator from a position of social power.

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I provide FJ's wise observations here:. Bradley owns a clinic in London, a house in Kensington, and the Stone House itself. In The Croaking Raven , Mrs. Remember the old chestnut: if you are poor, you are crazy, if you are rich, you are eccentric. Funnier, too. I'm having many laugh-out-loud moments. Compare the authors if you wish, but Mitchell is clearly in a league of her own. Sethleigh was a blackmailing money lender and when Mrs Bradley begins her investigation she finds no shortage of suspects.

It soon transpires that most of the village seem to have been wandering about Manor Woods, home of the mysterious druidic stone on which Sethleigh's blood is found splashed, on the night he was murdered. But can she eliminate the red herrings and catch the real killer? Sign In. The Lord of the Rings Collection written by J.

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This completely unabridged version of Lord of the Rings is brought vividly to life through a wonderful performance by Rob Inglis. It must be on your bucket list! Please click above to give us a rating. Information When Rupert Sethleigh's body is found one morning, laid out in the village butcher's shop and minus its head, the inhabitants of Wandles Parva aren't particularly upset.