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Chester: looking over a tiny coffin What tiny little people do you think have to die to fit in this? Insano: bleakly I buried my first test subject rat in one of those Insano: Almost like the Japanese don't know what the word "Final" means. Bum: Oh, it's the most horrifying thing that's ever happened!

True Bums - A Railroad Theme Christmas Comedy

I can't possibly talk about it unless it comes out on a Suburban Knights DVD hopefully in two weeks to a month, thank you for asking. Insano: upon seeing a game character named Spoon What kind of stupid name is that?! Bum: Role-playing? You mean where people dress up in different costumes and pretend they're someone else? That's stupid! Bum: Please, do that twist! I will love you forever if you do that twist! Piggy: "I know, this is how we end every Muppet movie.

Kermit: "Ready to make the audience cry like pansies with Rainbow Connection? Kermit: "That's right audience, it's Toy Story 3 all over again! Sho : It's a Miyazaki film. We're never surprised by anything. Two girls rode inside cat that was a bus and that barely got a reaction. Sho: Yes. However, I am going through an operation. They say there's a very slim chance that it could help Arrietty: Anytime a character is going through operation they always come out okay. Sho: Okay. Puts up a finger for each word Shut.

Chester: So we're off to see all the other Borrowers that exist in the world Guy in Charge: "I'm going to go find a sequel. Haymitch: "I'm drunk, you're dead, we have nothing to discuss. Announcer: Okay, it's totally cool if two of you win instead of one. Katniss : hands clasped Aren't you the most adorable thiiiiiiiing? Spider-man: This is a Spider-Man movie, we're not used to this! Ralph : Because you're marketable enough to sell a lot of toys. Vanellope : It's true; I do look like Bratz doll if they had a soul.

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Ralph : Don't ever compare anything anywhere to a Bratz doll. Calhoun : Indeed, and while we're at it let's have a romantic interlude in which we have very little chemistry. Bum : It turns out the glitch was really a princess of our kingdom the whole time! Vanellope : Why a princess and not a queen? Bum : Would you buy a product called Disney Queens? Pepper : You're putting out a horribly defective product before it's completely finished being tested?

You're like the EA of Terrorism! Killian : flattered Oh stop it Pepper Potts : Really? Name one thing you learned through this movie? Tony : Stammers I drive cool cars? Beat Bum! Pepper and Tony begrudgingly : All hail, Iron Woman! Bum: This is Chester A. Bum sayi- Sounds of people beating up his box Oh my God, my box! I- Change, you got- Oh screw it! Goes off-screen Hey! Put that back together! Hey, watch it! I know General Mills! Stop hitting me with the toy inside!! Gwen : To honor my father's dying request, I will totally stay away from your hot muscles, your good looks and the fact that you're a superhero.

Peter : And I will totally stay away from you despite the fact that you're a genius, hot as hell and we have raging teenage hormones. Gwen : Taking off his jacket We're already half naked talking to each other aren't we? Peter : Oh! Like most comic book fans! And the son is like: Bum! Ford : Father, how could this happen? You're in all the trailers. Ford : What? Joe : In a monster movie, anytime somebody has "AND" in the credits, it always mean they're going to die. Ford : But you're not dead. Joe : Watch me. Ford : "Damn you, predictable opening credits!!

Ford : My God. I feel so bad for a character that's got even less screentime than my father Bum! Godzilla : I'm Dead. Ford : Oh yeah, sure. You're really dead. Godzilla : No, for reals. Ford : Yeah, I believe it. In a reboot of Godzilla in so many years, I bet you're really dead. Godzilla : Can't hear you. Ford : Whatever. I'm going to do the thing all this movies do. I'm gonna get myself in trouble with the other monster and you're gonna save me in the last minute.

Godzilla : Tell my wife I love her. Ford : Hell, I don't care. Bum : What do you say, Godzilla? Godzilla : I need a better agent. Bum : Quiet! Or I'll keep you with Mathew Broderick again. Bum : And Mystique is like Bum! Mystique : And the question is Why do I keep following you in sequels? Magneto : Because our continuity is as straight forward as a porcupine's back. Mystique : Oh, that's why I never acknowledge Xavier as my brother in the future. Magneto : And that's why in the future I look like a bazillion years old Bum!

Mystique : And that's why in The Wolverine movies they nev- Bum! Magneto : Whoa whoa whoa. We're not even touching those! Those are like the cannibalism of continuity. Bum : And then, in a very bizarre move, the writers of the movie come out!! Writer : Dear audience. We are sorry for all the stupid mistakes we made to butcher these movies in the past.

Please accept this cop-out that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but you don't care because for once you'll actually see a goddamn X-Men movie. Now note that they won't be captured, dead, they will actually just be the freakin' X-Men. All they did in that one was kill people off from the other films, move giant monuments around and not stick to the comicbook story. With this one is totally different! In this one they kill people off from the other films, move giant monuments around and they totally don't stick to the comicbook story. My friends, they're finally starting to learn.

Tikka me 30 years to separate those two. And in Tas they call fritz, German. Mmmm fritz…. Oh totally! My husband grew up in Crafers up the hills and I grew up in Glenunga down the hill lol. Aami stadium will always be footy park.


Everyone about the pagent blue honour line. And I never understood the one way highway. And taking the ferry to hindmarsh island just for a drive to have a look.. Just cause it was a ferry. And go to Lobethal at Christmas to see the all the houses lit up in the street and go taste test the chocolate at the chocolate factory.. Young people usually. Simple really. I was a kid on the flat but changed to the hills as a grown-up. You would pester your parents to check out the Christmas display at the west end brewery at Xmas time. Had the best view over North Terrace. Oh and Eagle on the Hill hotel before the freeway changed our driving habits.

I remember that cafe i used to go there with my mum when i had a dental appointment it was john martins. I remember that cafeteria. Hair in curly perms and big sunglasses. I hated catching the tram into the City and biatching that it stopped at Vic Square coz the walk in the mall was like sooo far away hahaha. Now I double biatch about the fact you can not turn into those streets we cant remember coz of the damn tram.

Driving around the devils elbow. Farmers Union Ice coffee! Collecting cans for 5c Going to the deli Stobie poles. How could you forget to mention Farmers Union Iced Coffee and we say bathers not togs or swimmers. Miss Glenelg carpark at the end of Anzac Highway, so much more. The ducks that would hatch their young in the Police Headquarters pond in Angas Street, and then be given a police escort down King William St to the Torrens. And no-one cared that the ducks shut down the city.

Great list Hayley and great additions Heather. The butcher always offers free fritz to your children. I was 16 when I worked at Downtown looking after the video games and sometimes the Dodgem cars. When you go into an interstate bakery and ask for a pasty and get a funny look. When going swimming you are wearing your bathers not swimmers or whatever interstaters say.

You used to watch channel niners in the 70s and Winky Dink was a co host. The Christmas pageant is an age old, family tradition involving getting up at 5am to secure great spots! Hanging out at Downtown or Hindmarsh Rollerskate Rinks. Every Christmas going to the Brewery lights. And the big aboriginal man walking around in the leotard and with a hula hoop. And I find Adelaide confusing! Everyone prefers the state they grew up in … the memories!!! You look for fritz in a Sydney supermarket. We pronounce it Thebarton not Theb art on. Mullets are still trendy? You think that the apartments at Glenelg have ruined the view from driving down Anzac highway, turning the corner at Marion Rd and being able to see the sea!

Also you would meet your friends in the Bay carpal at Cookies Kitchen. I miss most of that…. Lego is not, and has never been, French. It was invented by a Dane a native of Denmark. The company has even changed their font to try and clear up the mispronunciation. I have now changed my pronunciation to Leggo, rather than Laygo, as I refuse to be incorrect. Hindley st — You used to go to Tilt to play pinnies, because downtown sucked — you saw Beverly hills cop at the purple greater union theatre — you recall when it took 45 minutes to drive from one end to the other and loved every moment — you went to the new century hotel.

Others — only SA wine is acceptable. All other wine is terrible. I live in qld now and they say they make good wine here! Try Brisbane at 5pm! You always curse mexican drivers. Totally spot on….. I had my first pie floater outside the casino when I was pissed….. Driving from Hindley St to the carpark at the end of Anzac Highway before holdfast shores and back again. I love this city. Oldie but how about thinking you were shit hot skating on the carpet ramps at the modbury skateline.

Does anyone remember the Red Mobil Flying Horse at Glenelg We would get the double decker bus, as soon as we saw the horse we knew we were there. Red Hen trains, Dingly Del. No one will ever convice us otherwise. The St. Kilda Adventure playground will always hold a special place in our hearts. Dazzleland is what I can relate to the most — and pretty much all the others about being drunk…. How about.. You used to roller skate at Downtown and thought you were freakin awesome.

Going to Hindley Street is what you did when you a little kid for the best only gelato. Woodys lemonade! This list is gr8!! Have lived around the eastern states for the last 11 years but still see Adelaide as my home town. So many memories. Was excited to see Plaster funhouse in brighton on my way through radelaide today. Then there was junk food corner in Reynella….

Ha, I lived near junk food corner as a kid, and my first ever part time job had me training at the Hungry Jacks. You always queued up at the Mobil petrol station along Marion rd for cheap fuel. You pronounced Glenelg as Genelg. You always washed down your balfours pie with a farmers union ice coffee. Cruising down Hindley st in your car on the weekend was a must. Watching the TV ads for Downtown and finally getting to go there and roller skate with the cool kids — you know the ones who wore those awesome boot skates? I still think about that place everytime I hear that song.

Where all the lights are bright, Downtown! Now my life will be incomplete without some Fru Chocs. Fun piece! I now live in the Netherlands and even though it is so beautiful here I miss home so much. Hate that a street mind you.. This is awesome!!! I lived in Adelaide for the first 23 years of my life and still visit my home land at least twice a year been in melbs for 18 years now.

You put your Christmas tree up when Santa comes to town on Pageant day in the 2nd week of November whilst watching it on TV, unless you actually go unlike interstaters who put their trees up on Dec 1. Which annoys you. You claim superiority over those east-coaster convicts because you descended from a free settlers colony.

Victorians the rare ones who actually know what fritz is think that Devon is the same thing. You know what a Kitchener bun, Berliner bun and Finger bun are. You still miss Magic Mountain. You had a birthday party at Downtown or Skateline.

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Or both. Your family still has all their functions at Buckingham Arms. Because smorgasbord. Main nth rd. Excellent, What about how Don Dunston went down to glenelg jetty to stop a potential tidal wave hitting us, date? West End brewery at Xmas , John Martin xmas pageant Scottman kilt best play ground west park lands then feeding the ducks.

Some of us go back further to Rundle Street …. I have loved this article.. Your first taste of coffee was a farmers union. I can think of one more….. You can still get hung Fritz from the deli section of all supermarkets. No need to travel to Hahndorf! AND no matter how hot it was you always went down the slide at st. Kilda and ended up with a burnt bum!!! And then did it over and over again lol xx. September is the only month where you go to the Adelaide showgrounds to see what was to offer, instead you would go for the rides, food and showbags.

We prefer to drink flavoured milk to soft drinks. SA is the only place in the world where this holds true. Nowhere else would you find… Whispering wall Biggest rocking horse Milk carton regatta. I was scrolling waiting for someone to mention the Old Lion, but the Elephant Walk!!! It was a friend of mine that owned it. Actually lived next door to a policeman who was called to Magic Mountain regarding razor blades on waterslides. Distinctly Adelaide. Going up the river you would go the long way so as to avoid getting car sick thru Chain of Ponds. Going to see the movies at Academy Cinema.

You still call a Fruitbox a Fruitbox regardless of the brand. You know what a yiros is and point blank refuse to call it a kebab. Marineland anyone? Or sitting at the airport bar watching the planes come in — raspberry and lemonade and a bag of crackos. And of course the Beatles concert didnt hear a word because of the screaming girls!

Hearing the faint sound of the Hari Chrishna bells in Rundle Mall — are they still around? Dancing on the balconies at Jewels and the Ambassadors Hotel thinking they were going to collapse anytime…. There was a clown at every fair called Fritz Sandwich and he had a triangle of sandwich stuck to the top of his hat. You went to the Brickworks even though it was a bit average, because you could go inside the chimney. Not souvlaki. And won prizes from the SAFM car for doing so. Yes; done that! Dutch croquettes from the grumpy Dutch guy at the Broady beachfront cafe….

Seeing the sea coming down Anzac Highway…. I was able to take my great grandson from perth to the lobethal butcher to get a piece of fritz in his hand while i bought some meat. He learnt to say fritz at 18 months. Loving all these memories! To this day…. Great post certainly does show our unique side in the great city! Things like the Sideshows at Glenelg well before Magic Mountain. Red Rattler trams to Glenelg — Red Hen trains with the sliding doors we always kept open. Until its decline and then became The City hotel full of thugs and lowlife. Pasties we have Australias best pasties — eastern states have NO idea how to make them and they are big on Pies!

Adelaidians loved out farmers Union Iced Coffee which for a long time you could only get here and any other brand in any other state was jut terrible. Then there was Eagle on the Hill Hotel , the only pub you could get take aways on a Sunday — as a bonafide traveller. Hahndorf Hotel was the first Sunday opener Pub. Stobie Poles uniquly Adelaide and Roundabouts which were trialled in Adelaide before going anywhere else. Pie Floaters!!

Coles Cafeteria on the first floor of coles always good for a cheap lunch. Cox Foys fun fair on the roof top. Adelaide Beeline Bus — free bus looping the city. Great break from shopping or clubbing! We truly have it good here. This is a great City, Clean and easy to get around in! And remember The Kennel hot dog place on Portrush Road? Yes, the brewery lights. Lunch with cakes at David Jones after a dentist appointment. Taking the tram from Goodwood home to school MLC. My first job — selling Easter eggs at Myers. The lushness of the greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens. Meeting at the Beehive Corner.

Your list and these comments have reminded me of some great traditions. Anyone remember. Berties with its flavoured coca cola. Panorama drive in. Jasmine restaurant — the best!! Hayley, The one about Victoria ave is sooo true! We used to rent in Myrtle Bank and every single time we passed.

As you said! Menz YoYos- recipe has changed now. Tip Top home delivered bread daily- fresh finger buns with sultanas. We have lived away now for 25 years, but Adelaide will always be home, although we will never live there again. Thanks for all the flasbacks. The decor was like a train, and there were private booths and they pulled the curtains across.

Also the Liberty Book Shop that had about a thousand different kinds of tea and hummingbird cake. Street opp tram place. Fabulous piece of work Hayley! Nothing better than hot chips walking down the Glenelg Jetty! So glad I found your blog Hayley. My son, who barely remembers that he was born in S. A, still loves his fritz and sauce sandwiches. One day I will break free from this jail and come home to my first love. What about Sigalis milk bar in Rundle Street. I do remember the flying horse the Plume oil logo at the end of Anzac Highway.

Love Adelaide. Nice work Hayley. It sums up Adelaide pretty well. Your list has a good selection of trips down memory lane, for people of all ages. Now I live in the southern suburbs and just jump on a train whenever I need to. Some of the nuances and pronunciations still get on my nerves, because I know that they are wrong. Boxing Day trading is compulsory, especially in Melbourne.

Also you love seeing the big bugs and other things like aliens on your way near Port Wakefield Road. You know a schooner is a small glass, a pint is a big glass. Nobody ever orders a schooner. If you order a pale ale, you mean Coopers Pale Ale. You know what the O-bahn is. You know what The Cranka is. You know old Shotz was better, and started your night there loading up your table with dollar beers the only time it actually was ok to order schooners.

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You know The Gov is an institution and if anything ever happens to it you will riot. Can someone please help my fading memory. Only someone from Adelaide would think ALL east coasters do that. Again, different circles. Wertherlies , had their depot on the corner of Brighton Road and Oaklands Road. I believe the building is now a crash repair. Can anybody help me with information about this old company. The buses were all converted army trucks and were very primitive.

The depot can still be seen to this day on the northeast corner of Brighton and Oaklands Roads. It was in a large L-shaped garage that had doors to both roads. The fleet of vehicles was a mishmash of sizes and shapes unified by the custard and red colour scheme. The older buses all had their engines in projected bonnets just like a motorcar. They were all one-man operated and had a single door adjacent to the driver. The driver sold the tickets. All the while sticking your fingers in your ears and digging your head in the sand to avoid reality.

John Vincent and the gang on And the old Harris Scarfe building in Rundle mall, always on sale and what a bargain basement, the whole store with its creaky old floorboards, the old place had gone on my last visit. I am probably one of the oldest commenters here, or amongst the oldest, I left Adelaide over 40 years ago but I am still a crow eater and Adelaide is where my heart is. My favorite spot in the city is the Adelaide railway station so many memories of my teenage years going on train rides and the wonderful Art Deco station, and of course taking the tram and I mean the old brown trams with the leather seats!

Still love Adelaide, my home so much! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Adelady is a place free of gossip and negativity. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Hayley x 1. Image credit : Virginia Wiki Newspapermumma Hayley xx. Sun The Moseley Igloos July 12 - October 8.

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