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We have a dedicated site for Germany. C, Riechelmann , Rachel P.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

This book introduces and discusses the most important aspects of clinical research methods and biostatistics for oncologists, pursuing a tailor-made and practical approach. Evidence-based medicine EBM has been in vogue in the last few decades, particularly in rapidly advancing fields such as oncology.

This approach has been used to support decision-making processes worldwide, sparking new clinical research and guidelines on clinical and surgical oncology. Clinical oncology research has many peculiarities, including specific study endpoints, a special focus on survival analyses, and a unique perspective on EBM. However, during medical studies and in general practice, these topics are barely taught.

Moreover, even when EBM and clinical cancer research are discussed, they are presented in a theoretical fashion, mostly focused on formulas and numbers, rather than on clinical application for a proper literature appraisal. Addressing that gap, this book discusses more practical aspects of clinical research and biostatistics in oncology, instead of relying only on mathematical formulas and theoretical considerations.

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Methods and Biostatistics in Oncology will help readers develop the skills they need to understand the use of research on everyday oncology clinical practice for study design and interpretation, as well to demystify the use of EBM in oncology. Raphael L.

During this time, he worked on clinical research of surgical and systemic treatment of pancreatic cancer and colorectal liver metastases. Rachel P. Research- wise, her areas of interest and expertise are GI malignancies and Neuroendocrine Tumors as well as Methodology of Clinical Research. Understanding Clinical Trials Research Paves the Way for New Therapies Next time you open your medicine cabinet or fill a prescription, think about this: New drugs go through an average of 12 years of rigorous testing before they are deemed safe and effective for people to use.

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Research is done through clinical trials, which are essential for improving health and medical care. Clinical trials are proving ground for new or better: Drugs Procedures or techniques Devices Vaccines Ways to prevent and diagnose disease More: Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials Without these studies, and the people who volunteer to take part in them, many common medicines including aspirin, statins to lower cholesterol, beta blockers for high blood pressure and the newer diabetes medicines would not be available today.

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Infographic: Clinical Trials Click to view. Nearly all treatments available today were once studied in clinical trials; for example, the new PCSK9 inhibitors, implantable defibrillators and drug-eluting stents. What about placebos?

Understanding Clinical Research

Even when new therapies are compared to placebo, both the treatment and control groups are offered standard medications and treatments, laboratory testing and close supervised follow-up. Patient Resource. CardioSmart Benefits Sign up for personalized newsletters Find fact sheets and helpful information Get discussion guides for you and your doctor. Questions about a drug? Featured Video.

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